Anthony Finta

I see this series of paintings as windows that provide alternate views of familiar places - fields, landscapes, architecture, views through windows, etc. Concurrently they are not meant to impose a specific meaning on the viewer, and should be open to interpretation, and hopefully contemplation.

From a process standpoint I tend to ruminate on certain visuals or ideas for a long time - but usually don't work from anything specific (although if I do it is original pictures of buildings or landscapes). I have certain shapes and colors I gravitate to, but I like to let the painting inform me once it starts, and it can change completely from start to finish. I tend to paint and draw with graphite and charcoal, and then over-paint and make revisions as a work develops. One thing that has changed over time is the ability to come back to certain works months or even years later and continue the process until a piece is complete.

Photo of Anthony Finta


Born in Neptune, NJ in 1964, Finta grew up and attended publics schools in the Monmouth and Ocean County areas. He attended The School of Visual Arts in NYC from 1991 to 1995, including a semester abroad in Israel in 1994. He finished his fine arts degree in sculpture after spending the first three years concentrating on painting. Since relocating to the Hudson Valley in 2013 from Florence, Italy, he has devoted himself to his art full time.