David Konigsberg

David Konigsberg is a conceptual realist who works across media and painting genres to portray transitional spaces, metaphoric moments and alternative histories. A long-time member of the Gowanus and Red Hook artist communities in Brooklyn, he is now based in Hudson and employs the area's landscapes as the setting and sometimes subject of his work.

Artist Statement:

For a painter who has always thrilled in the sweep and detail of landscape-based narrative, still life has been a yin to that yang, a way to exercise another sensibility, one that finds meaning in the closely observed and in narratives that are not only about the moment, but about what brought us here and left us here—unseen moments, pregnant with possibility, that are up to the viewer to decide.

As a result, this work takes some license with the traditional idea of still life in that it sometimes simply means life that is still, animate yet caught between actions—the raise of a cup, the flip of a page, in the crouch before the pounce. In another departure, I’ve kept detail spare and stripped subjects down to their essences, using shape, color and gesture to tell the story, whether in straight-ahead paintings or in mixed media pieces involving monotype, painting and collage.

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Equipoise 2023

Still Life


Large Landscapes & Cloudscapes

Smaller Landscapes & Cloudscapes

Miniatures 2019

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Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Kent CT
• Equilibria (2021)
• Heaven and Earth (2019)
• Idyll Gaze (2016)
• Nigh Season (2014)
• Troposphere (2012)
• Largo Arenula (2008)
Allen Sheppard Gallery, NYC
• New Work (2009)
• Overland (2005)
• Jump (2004)
• At Rest/In Motion (2002)
Weber Fine Art, Scarsdale NY
• Recent Work (2004)
• Recent Work (2003)
Fetherston Gallery, Seattle
• Recent Work (2006)
• Recent Work (2004)
• The Crossing (2002)


Hudson Hall
• Paintings and Works on Paper (2023)
Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY
• Still Life (2023)
• In My Backyard (2022)
• Visions Real and Imagined (2021)
• New Landscapes (Nov 2019)
• New Work (2017)
• Radical Inventions (2015)
• The Man Show (2013)
• New Paintings (2010)
• New Paintings (2006)
• Almost Real (2005)
• Poetry in Motion (2003)
• Narratives (2003)

Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Kent CT
• Early Summer (2023)
• Mansion Beach (2022)
• All Gone To Look for America (2021)
• Recent Landscapes (2018)
• Summer of Love (2017)
• Memory is a Metaphor (2011)
• Icing on the Cake (2011)
• Still Life Show (2011)
• Another Fine Day (2007)


The Painting Center, NYC
• Grand Allusions (2006)
Weber Fine Art, Chatham NY
• Floating Dreams and Flying Machines (2005)
• Recent Work, with Shawn Dulaney (2004)
Santa Monica Museum
• FreshstART (2004-2005)
Hofstra Museum, Hempstead NY
• Where the Island Begins (2003)
Weber Fine Art, Scarsdale NY
• Artists’ Choice (2002)
Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn
• 4Sight, Realism to Abstraction (2002)
• 9-11/Artists Respond (2001)
• Small Works, (2001)
David Findlay Jr. Contemporary, New York
• Contemporary Realism (2000)
• Private Visions (1999)
Radix, New York, various (1996-1997)
Bixler Gallery, New York, various (1994-1995)


• Artist in Residence, MacDowell Colony (1998)
• Thrive Global Journal: Art as a Reflection of Global Culture and the Human Condition (2017)
• Book of the Cat, Laurence King Publishers, London UK (2017)
• Roleplay, Poems by Juliana Gray, Dreamhorse Press (2012)
• Chronogram, The Future of Illusions, by Beth E. Wilson, 2008
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