Sarah Berney, Joe Wheaton & Judith Lamb

Reception: Saturday August 19 from 6 to 8pm

August 17, 2006 through September 17, 2006


Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to announce their summer show, THREESOME, with new paintings by Sarah Berney and Judith Lamb and sculpture by Joe Wheaton. The exhibit will run from August 17 through September 17 with an opening reception for the artists taking place on Saturday, August 19 from 6pm to 8pm. All are welcome to attend.


Sarah Berney’s new body of work, The Everything Colors, refers to the principles of String Theory, also called The Everything Theory. It takes six vibrations to make one ring in the String Theory. Each painting represents the essence of its color with adjoining panels, or flickers, showing how the vibrations together create a white light. All six colors in the spectrum are represented in this body of work. All of this is not to say that Ms. Berney’s work is dry and scientific, her paintings are sensuous, luscious and layered in mystery.


Judith Lamb, a New Yorker who moved to Delaware County in the early 1980's, has been painting her entire life. After experimenting with different #DEFAULT">


Joe Wheaton’s sculpture in steel, brass, and marble is self-described as familiar yet strange, beautiful yet menacing, threatening yet delicate. He states, “Reaching and solid, my work traverses many contradictions. As in life, beautiful lines have sharp edges; precarious forms balance with great certainty yet are vulnerable to nature's menacing ways. I am interested in using recognizable materials and relationships in configurations that will serve to re-evaluate how one perceives what might at first seem obvious. Dark forms stand in front of their ever-changing shadows. Lines motion and engage, but are like life, elusive and mysterious.”


Joe Wheaton

Sarah Berney