Then and There

William Sillin, William Bond Walker, Judith Lamb and in the Upstairs Gallery: altered photos by Dini Lamot, and in the backroom: Russell DeYoung's small paintings

Landscapes and Still Lifes

February 19, 2009 through March 29, 2009

Artist Reception Saturday, February 21st, 6-8pm

I the backroom of the gallery there is a small exhibit of paintings by Russell DeYoung.

"Through the alchemical process of painting, these modestly scaled paintings evoke the energy at work behind the landscape’s sublime veneer. Viewed as devotional objects to the nature lying at one’s own feet, the paintings divest themselves of the grand vista and the conventional appearance of things in order to participate in the ongoing power of transformation omnipresent in the world. The essence of weather, the reciprocal relationship of life predicated on death, the changing seasons, and the wildness present in an urban backyard are all elicited in these simple but terse works. Through an uneasy pairing of the comic with the sublime, the paintings simultaneously reflect on the acknowledgment of the presence of wonder, and our inability to acquiesce to its calling in our daily lives." -Russell DeYoung

Russell DeYoung makes paintings that often straddle conventional notions of representation and abstraction. His work has been included in numerous regional and national exhibitions, most recently The 50th Annual National Exhibition of American Art at the Chautauqua Institute in Chautauqua, New York. Mr. DeYoung has been painting professionally for over twenty years.

The Carrie Haddad Gallery, voted "Best Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Hudson Valley" by Hudson Valley Magazine, is located at 622 Warren Street, Hudson, NY and

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Dini Lamot

Russell DeYoung

William Bond Walker