Stephen Walling, Vincent Pomilio, Susan Stover, Ralph Stout, Sarah Berney & Photography by Nancy Goldring

Artists' Reception: Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 5-7 pm

September 19, 2018 through November 4, 2018

Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to present “Bejeweled”, a collection of rich and rare non-representational works including painting, mixed media and sculpture. This exhibit will highlight how different artists layer color with geometry using paint, wax, wood, pulp and photo projections. Selections from gallery artists Stephen Walling, Vincent Pomilio, Ralph Stout, Susan Stover and Sarah Berney, with a photography feature by Nancy Goldring will be on view September 19 – November 4. All are invited to attend a reception for the artists on Saturday, September 22 from 5-7pm.
Germantown, NY artist Stephen Walling’s wooden wall sculptures have become increasingly complex, manipulating the balance of a three dimensional surface with eye-popping color. Some pieces put forth a subtle gradation of color that enhances the shadows on textured wood cuts while others weave contrasting colors visible only from certain angles. For this exhibit, Walling puts a new spin on some of his favorites from the past, revisioning his signature plays on design with fresh ingenuity.
Vincent Pomilio celebrates a chaotic and intuitive approach with unexpected color relationships. Graphic line work in bold hues is made even more intricate as the artist carves into the drying paint, revealing hidden layers while creating new ones upon the surface. Recently, carving has become increasingly integral to Pomilio’s process, lending a more painterly appearance to his work. The exhibit will highlight this new development with the artist’s ongoing Big-Little and Horizon Lines series.
Ralph Stout has been prolifically creating canvases, works on paper, and photography in his East Hampton studio. With such pristine linework, it may not be shocking to learn that the artist regularly refurbishes his paintings, reworking definitive lines and contrasting hues until situated in perfect harmony. An emerging series of 16 x 16 inch studies now serve as a testing ground for the artist while he muses over possibilities for larger canvases. In addition to these dynamic studies on panel, a selection of charcoal drawings and recent paintings on canvas will be on view, collectively surveying Stout’s advances into abstraction.
Hudson local, Sarah Berney, will exhibit handmade paper pulp paintings made in 1996. The three works depict prehistoric symbols in cool-toned monochromatic hues of grey and blue, displaying a tactile quality that defy ordinary canvas.
Working between the relationship of art and artifact, Susan Stover’s mixed media painting and sculptures recall an ethnic sensibility and geometric organization. While adapting processes traditionally used in the production of textiles, her work synthesizes hand-dyed silks and fabrics, melted wax, embedded fibers and found objects onto wood surfaces. Her choice of materials and techniques refer to a collective history, while the end result is very much a reflection of her own contemporary experience.
Nancy Goldring’s fascination with location and memory culminates in a process she calls ‘foto-projections’. Scenes captured from her travels serve as reference for graphite drawings and mylar models that are later tacked upright in her studio and projected with multiple layers of slides from the front and back. Each layer, projecting varying details of the same scene, ultimately captures the essence of the location when pieced together and digitally printed on archival Hahnemuhle paper.

Nancy Goldring

Ralph Stout

Sarah Berney

Stephen Walling

Susan Stover

Vincent Pomilio