PULSE: Color & Form in a Visual Rhythm

Dai Ban, Jeanette Fintz, Ginny Fox & Jenny Kemp

Artist Reception: Saturday, August 3, 5-7pm

July 31, 2019 through September 15, 2019

The group exhibit Pulse: Color & Form in a Visual Rhythm will examine the work of four gallery artists working in abstraction; Jeanette Fintz, Dai Ban, Ginny Fox, and Jenny Kemp. The show will be on view July 31 – September 15, with an artist’s reception on Saturday, August 3, from 5-7pm. All are welcome to attend.

Working in a space between planning and chance, Jeanette Fintz presents a new series of paintings that fuse gestural and geometric abstraction. This body of work continues Fintz’s use of the circle, ellipse and hexagon; motifs that embody references to nature, architecture and the decorative arts, while simultaneously creating structural anchors against fluid pours of paint and sweeping brush strokes. These compositional shifts are united via calm, transparent washes of earth-toned color, alluding to temporality and fluidity, hence the titles of the paintings, Passing Through & Permanently Temporary. Fintz states “in the primal struggle among sometimes apparently random components, subtlety modulated color clarifies purpose, builds context, and holds structure together.” In these new paintings however, color steps to the side allowing an underlying grid to function more visibly to supply structural unity. Gauzy paint veils wrap and pull across the surface temporarily referencing a structure, often contradicting and interrupting its completion.

Her large canvases measuring up to 72 inches wide will be featured in the front room alongside several series of 24-inch panels. A selection of the artist’s Energy Clearing ink on paper drawings will also be on view, giving the audience a glimpse into the spontaneous beginnings of her larger work. Born and raised in New York City, Fintz now resides in Hudson, NY. Fintz has taught at multiple universities including Parsons: The New School for Design, SUNY Purchase, and Pratt Institute. She has exhibited nationwide, and her work can be found in numerous private and public collections.

Hailed for his minimalist approach to three-dimensional art making, Japanese-born artist Dai Ban will be showing his latest wall sculptures built with precision board, Venetian plaster, pigment and beeswax. Flat, angled planes in solid white and black aim to experiment with light and shadow. The pieces chosen for this exhibit demonstrate a departure from earlier work as planes become segmented and more spontaneously composed. Ban introduces gaps between planes to break up the visual, as well as some colorful varieties in gold, yellow and plum. Dai Ban received his education from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and currently lives in the Berkshires. With a background that includes theater set design, model making for TV commercials and films, and jewelry design, Dai Ban’s abstract sculptures break conventional standards, serving balance between reflection and reprieve.
Bronx based artist, Ginny Fox, returns with a continuation of her contemporary color field paintings. In the recent work, she’s traded in bright jewel toned color for an organic palette observed while spending the winter months in Truro, Cape Cod. Working with rags instead of brushes, Fox creates complex layers by reapplying paint along parallel paths. The resulting patterns resemble those found on the northern beaches and woods of Truro; markings on a stone, light raked across water, the open weave of moss covered earth, or the grain of tree bark. After receiving her education from New York University in the 1970s, Fox has since exhibited throughout the United States, especially in New York City and the northeastern U.S.
Jenny Kemp’s abstract paintings are inspired by the artist’s desire to represent unseen phenomenon. With intricate and calculated linework, the artist builds parallel layers against opaque backgrounds, while shifts in color and shape call attention to organic forms that give reference to the human body or atomic structures. The Troy based artist will have paintings, both small and large scale, as well as works on paper on view. Kemp received her MFA from the University of Albany and has since exhibited in galleries and museums across the country. She was the recipient of the 2015 NYFA Fellowship in painting and the 2015 Emerging Artists Award from the Art Center of the Capital Region in Troy. Her work is included in Thames and Hudson’s 100 Painters of Tomorrow, and the 2019 Northeast Region edition of New American Painting. She currently sits on the board of Collar Works, an artist-run exhibition space in Troy, and teaches at SUNY Albany and Union College.

Dai Ban

Ginny Fox

Jeanette Fintz

Jenny Kemp