Works on Paper

August 18, 2005 through September 25, 2005

Paper supports and informs our creativity.

Artists have been drawing and painting on paper for thousands of years because of its versatility, texture and durability. This summer, Carrie Haddad Gallery will feature a group show of eleven regional contemporary artists whose range of subjects is bold and broad. Monotype, watercolor, collage, photography, mixed media and paper itself are their methods and materials.

Sarah Berney’s process of painting on pigment-dyed paper pulp is wonderfully in accordance with her stated themes of object hood and objectification. Rendered as they are in lushly expressionistic color and with coarse vigor, her images seem to revel in their own sensuality.

Kathy Burge’s abstract oil on paper pieces are worked and reworked with layers of strong broad strokes intermixed with lyrical imagery. Burge received her degrees from U.C.Berkeley and Yale University. She lives in Columbia County.

Artist Catherine Gallimard lives in Paris. Dark and figurative, her paintings contain a strong influence from both Picasso and Cezanne.

Caroline Golden assembles her imaginative works entirely from found images in old magazines. For 15 years, during which Caroline worked in print advertising, she endlessly utilized images and themes of what society wants to see, of ways to bring people to completion and wholeness. When given the opportunity to leave the commercial art world, these same images became the stepping stones for Golden to investigate and discover what is hidden beneath the surface.

Valerie Hammond’s encaustic work on paper renders concrete the moment in which imagination and memory coincide in our recollections of nature. In her use of encaustic technique Hammond is simultaneously embedding and revealing images – her work constitutes an important contribution to the public construction of a feminine imaginary. Hammond received her Masters in Fine Arts at the University at Berkeley and currently lives in New York.

Ramon Lascano folds each page of a book to create a geometric shape, at times combining several books to form a larger shape. Lascano was born and raised in Argentina. He currently lives in Dutchess County.

Mona Mark’s interest in the relationship between man and nature is drawn forth in her “portraits” of trees, rocks and ocean both metaphorically and physically. Mark’s silkcreened monoprints allow for a process whereby chance plays a great part in determining the relationship of one print to the next.

Painter Antoni Ooto’s work is earthy and rough as it is influenced by his background as a stone mason. The paintings glow with warm tones and look as if they grew up out of the earth themselves. Their textured surfaces are created at times with the use of a trowel, Ooto’s signature painting tool.

Leigh Palmer paints moody, atmospheric landscapes. According to writer Jeanette Fintz, “Palmer is in impressive control of all his technical skills, from the smallest mark and smudge, the scratch and shape – change that create scale to the organizing geometry composing each space.”

Sally Agee creates collages, weaving a little pop culture and consumerism into her sometimes, densely populated drawings. She earned her bachelor of fine arts at Syracuse University and also studied at the Parsons School of Design.

Similarly, Paul Katz, creates collages drawing on imagery from classical to contemporary art and media. Influenced by his impressive work career at the Guggenheim, the Marlborough Gallery in New York and the Clark Art Institute, Katz is almost obsessive with the constant work ethic.

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Kathy Burge

Paul Katz

Sally Agee

Valerie Hammond