Peculiar Rarities

Juan Garcia Nunez, Russell DeYoung, Nick Simpson, Donise English, David Halliday, Newbold Bohemia, Leon Smith, Paul Katz, Andrea Moreau, Fernando Orellana, Carl Grauer and Frank Litto

Artist Reception, Saturday March 10th 5, 7pm

March 7, 2018 through April 22, 2018

For over twenty-seven years, Carrie Haddad Gallery has prided itself on exhibiting some of the finest artworks in the Hudson Valley, from breathtaking Hudson River School-style landscapes to intense and unforgettable abstract-expressionist works. Now, it’s time for something a little different.

“Peculiar Rarities”, an exhibition set to run from March 7 to April 22, with an opening reception on March 10 from 5 – 7 p.m., is exactly what it sounds like. The exhibition will include media from porcelain to Play-Doh, and subject matter that includes icebergs, Victorian steampunk characters, conniving housewives, and Judy Garland. From the moment you walk through the door, each space will house its own experience: here, spectral and Seuss-like; there, off-kilter and gritty, all of it richly blending beauty with provocation.

Frequent visitors to the gallery are likely to recognize many familiar names, such as David Halliday and Donise English, but may be surprised to find that these artists don’t stray far from their tried-and-true techniques. Halliday creates quirky variations on his characteristic still-life photographs, while English brings the unpretentious motifs and palettes of her usual work into the third dimension. Fans of each artist will delight in these odd treasures, which serve as proof that talent transcends tradition.

In addition to Halliday and English, exhibited artists will include Juan Garcia Nunez, Russell DeYoung, Nick Simpson, Newbold Bohemia, Leon Smith, Paul Katz, Andrea Moreau, Fernando Orellana, Carl Grauer, David Dew Bruner, Robert Gulley, and Frank Litto.

David Halliday

Andrea Moreau

Carl Grauer

David Dew Bruner

Donise English

Fernando Orellana

Juan Garcia-Nunez

Leon Smith

Newbold Bohemia

Nick Simpson

Paul Katz

Russell DeYoung