Stevan Jennis, Jessica Houston, Jenny Nelson, Allyson Levy and Lori Van Houten

Reception: Saturday July 14 from 6 to 8pm

July 12, 2007 through August 12, 2007

Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to announce the work of five regional artists in their exhibit running from July 12 through August 12 2007. An opening reception will be held on Saturday July 14 from 6 to 8pm. The exhibit will include works by Jenny Nelson, Stevan Jennis, Allyson Levy, Jessica Houston, and Lori Van Houten. All are welcome to attend.

Jenny Nelson
will show new, large abstract paintings. By focusing on particular shapes or compositions for long periods of time the resulting series of closely related paintings, have fully explored Nelson’s current interest. The paintings are an ongoing process of addition and subtraction until everything on the canvas co-exists with a depth and intensity that seems balanced to her. Phyllis Gilbert of the Woodstock Times says "These strong expressionistic oils show a respect and love of the medium; the abstractions are stimulating and yet gentle, speaking of deliberation, observation and analysis."

Stevan Jennis from Red Hook will exhibit large collages made from vintage paint-by-number paintings. Jennis uses the paint-by-numbers in their “as found” condition, cutting them into 2” squares and mounting them on a masonite board. He combines various paintings to create a larger overall picture with multiple segments of familiar and distorted images placed side by side. In the dismantling he is able to build a new, more complex aesthetic.

Jessica Houston who grew up here in the Hudson Valley will be showing tender paintings of adolescent girls and their relationships between water, air and the human body. Houston states, “I am moved by the way daily activities, such as breathing or being in water, are basic and yet also have the potential for being infused with sublime awareness.” Houston’s figures are playful; girls lined up at the pool or blowing bubbles under water. She dives into the fantastic with images of talking animals and fairytale-esque narratives as a vehicle to present the very real drama of growing up.

Using a cornucopia of organic materials such as elderberry vines, moth wings and hydrangea blossoms, Allyson Levy of Stone Ridge, makes beautiful works of art. She layers these organic items, sometimes up to 20 layers deep, between beeswax creating complex grid paintings. They have a translucent, ethereal quality which pays homage to her love of nature.

Lori Van Houten will be exhibiting large photo-based works on paper. Each print incorporates nature-based photographs produced in camera, combined with selected found imagery to form each multi-layered piece. The work is produced by computer and consists of a complex layering and interacting of images and involves a continual back and forth process of erasing and adding to achieve the final whole.

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Allyson Levy

Jessica Houston

Lori Van Houten